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Murlane Kennels is situated in Point Cook, Victoria and we are proud and passionate British Bulldog breeders.
Murlane Kennel strives to succeed in breeding excellence within our dog’s temperament, type and we aim to maintain the distinctive characteristics, which the British Bulldogs are unique for.
First and foremost our dogs are our pets and we love this breed for its personality and devotion to their owner. The bulldog is a unique breed. We believe that once you have owned a bulldog you will understand.  Can’t Promise you’ll Stop at ONE!
British Bulldogs
The British Bulldog is a very affectionate animal, they are gentle with children and kind at heart. Although they look like a rough and tough dog British Bulldogs are actually very relaxed and tame dogs that are perfect for families. They love cuddles and will be the first to snuggle under a doona. You must Know they can be stubborn, a Bulldog will put on the brakes if they don’t want to move! The trick....You need to make it worth the effort!
British Bulldogs tend to be indoor pets, though they can live outside. Just need to provide sheltered area. Due to their need for controlled temperatures British Bulldogs require an environment that isn’t too hot and isn’t too cold. They remain relatively inactive (happy to sleep all day and night) being easy to maintain with short walks and playtime.
British Bulldogs play well with children and enjoy spending time lounging, playing, and do not have an excessive amount of energy. Playtime will always be followed by a nap..... They also love playing in water.
British Bulldogs are quite in nature, except when they snore. Barking is not a common trait.....though they will greet any guest coming to the door.
With the need for rest, night time with British Bulldogs is an enjoyable experience. They do enjoy a good snore while sleeping, that I can promise! British Bulldogs have the worlds best snore. They’re are always the first to go to Bed and the Last to get up!
We have found that they enjoy their kennel (or Krate) as it’s their home and safe haven. Properly sized kennels (or Krate) provide a nice place for them to escape away from the rest of the world.
BEAWARE: British Bulldogs are noticed everywhere they go and they love being the CENTRE of ATTENTION....
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