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Sid is now being offer for stud duties to approved healthy bitches.

Sid is an all White Solid Healthy Male with a Great Head! He has an amazing temperament which is evident when he has attended all Western Bulldogs Events as the official Mascot. He is placid and loves children and does not show ANY aggression with other dogs or kids!
How it Works
Sid will provide the Semen for an AI mating, the AI mating will be preformed via the Vet on Market Rd Werribee - (John Watts). We do suggest Progesterone testing to aid the scheduling of the service.
Price of the service is $1,500
 Please note additional costs to have the AI completed at a Vet will be at your expense.  We will be happy to provide housing for your bitch at no extra cost if this is required. If progesterone testing is done to provide an optimal mating schedule the service also includes return service if your bitch fails to produce any puppies or less that two healthy puppies at birth.
We're a VCA registered kennels and will only offer a stud service to VCA registered bitches only. We also do not service Bitches that are NOT pure British Bulldogs with main papers. Please feel free to contact us via phone with any questions you may have.